Seconds Save Lives, We Save Seconds!

Our Mission is to provide best in class safety and security assurance products for people, places, and things

GEOS Travel Safety has been the leader in global travel safety, security and risk mitigation since 2004.

Core Membership Plans

GEOS has been offering these traditional plans since 2004 when they were established as the global leader in travel safety and security.

Global Search and Rescue Membership

We offer several global search and rescue membership levels to help offset costs incurred for your rescue! Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses as a GEOS Member.

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Global Medical MEDEVAC Evacuation Memberships

Our Global MEDEVAC plan is an annual membership that provides repatriation coordination and services. This membership is the most complete and comprehensive on the market, with 24/7/365 access to multi-lingual support.

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GEOS360° - Security Response Membership

Offering the ultimate protection and assistance while traveling or working internationally, with GEOS360° This membership is a full crisis management resource that is only the push of a button or phone call away, no matter where you are.

GEOS360 Membership

GEOS360° + SAR 100 + Global MEDEVAC

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Bundled Membership Plans

GEOS has bundled the most popular features from our individual memberships to provide custom membership plans tailored to the unique things you do!

Leisure Pack

SAR 50 + Global MEDEVAC

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Explorer Pack

SAR 100 + Global MEDEVAC

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Extreme Pack Membership


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24/7/365 Monitoring and Response

GEOS has provided monitored solutions for customers and partners since 2007. We monitor people, places and things, anywhere in the world, all from our globally recognized FEMA certified team inside our secure facility in Texas. With GEOS you get the benefit of internationally recognized Incident Response Monitoring by GEOS Response, home to the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). The IERCC has handled tens of thousands of incidents and saved countless lives and property. Why would you rely on anyone else when Team GEOS has performed time and again in over 160 countries? In fact, the IERCC has been globally labeled Extreme 911 by worldwide media, and because of strong relationships with Global First Responders, Team GEOS can get help to you when and where you need it quicker than others. That's why we say, "Seconds Save Lives, We Save Seconds!"

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Supported Device and Solution Providers

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