Medical Evacuation

Global Medical Evacuation Memberships

GEOS MEDEVAC is a single, life-saving source for medical evacuation and emergency assistance. Medical evacuation coverage is available from any country worldwide* and starts 99 miles away from home to a hospital of your choice. All plans are activated over the internet without the inconvenience of paperwork and coverage can be immediate or purchased for a future trip.

We recognize that in an overseas environment, accidents, illness or medical problems become traumatic experiences. Our services include 24 hour multi-lingual telephone assistance to coordinate and liaise with patients, their families, doctors, nurses and specialists across the world no matter what the time or language spoken locally.

Our multi-lingual staff are on hand 24 hours a day to help and advise patients on any medical problem. We will, if required, assist in locating the nearest medical facility, as well as being available to offer advice and support. Our team ensures that no matter what the problem is we will act swiftly, professionally and sympathetically.

Our Medical Director reviews all serious cases and liaises with the treating medical professionals to agree the most appropriate medical management. Our assistance team coordinates the care and plans the logistics to ensure that patient’s needs are well cared for. We manage administration and keep accurate records.

Our services are coordinated under our proven internal systems and procedures to deliver best practice.

This is a “Medical Evacuation and Repatriation” membership program, which we are able to offer you, and all of our GEOS members, at very low rates with savings of up to 80% compared to other programs providing a similar benefit.

Global MEDEVAC Short Term

A 30 day plan to cover you for short duration trips. This is not an annual plan, but is our entry level MEDEVAC plan. If you want an annual plan to cover multiple shorter trips, we highly recommend simply choosing the GEOS Global MEDEVAC90 plan.

Starting at $109.95    Buy Now

Global MEDEVAC 90

This is an annual membership plan, offering a competitive price for trips no longer than 90 days, but allows you to have multiple trips of up to 90 days each for a simple low annual membership fee.

Starting at $175.00    Buy Now

Global MEDEVAC 365

This plan is ideal for expats and people that are constantly on the run, traveling more than 90 days per trip, or spending long periods of time in another country. This is the most cost effective MEDEVAC membership in the market, we dare you to compare.

Starting at $249.95    Buy Now